Gold Coast Mental Health Services

I provide mental health services on the Gold Coast including Psychotherapy, Counselling and Relationship Counselling.

Are you feeling high levels of anxiety? Sensitivity to stress, poor sleeping patterns and even frightening panic attacks? Has the “Black Dog” entered your life making your days (and nights) miserable leaving you unenthusiastic and unmotivated? Do you feel alone, isolated and withdrawn, possibly even suicidal?

You are not alone – according to the ABS, it is estimated that 45 per cent of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.

That in any given year, around 1 million Australian adults will experience depression, and over 2 million anxiety.

While depression and anxiety can be experienced separately, it is often common for them to occur simultaneously. Over half of those who experience depression also experience anxiety, in some cases, one leads to the other.



There is hope – depression and anxiety are treatable conditions with psychotherapy and counselling offered on the Gold Coast proven to be a successful treatment option.

Psychotherapy and counselling works

How effective is Psychotherapy and Counselling

  • Psychotherapy effect size = 0.75-0.82 (large)
    • Study of 25 meta-analyses
    • Study of 68 meta-analyses
  • Effect sizes for medical interventions:
    • Asprin (prevention of heart attack) = 0.06 (very small)
    • SSRI antidepressants for depression = 0.3-0.5 (medium)
    • Medication for chronic lower back pain = 0.38-0.58 (medium)
  • Improvement rates:
    • 50% improve reliably within 7 sessions
    • 75% within 14 sessions
    • 50% are reliably improved and in the normal range within 21 sessions

(source Wampold in The Heart & Soul of Change, 2010Turner et al., New England J of Med, 5(2), 2008Browning et al., Arch Intern Med, 161.. 2001; Lambert et al., Journal of Consulting and Clin. Psych, 2001)

The effectiveness of psychotherapy and counselling is proven by scientific studies comparing success in treatment against medical interventions.

The success rate is better in comparison to anti-depressant medication (SSRI’s).

Statistics show that over time (7-14 sessions) there is a 50-75% improvement in symptom reduction.












  • Anxiety – general, social and panic disorders
  • Depression including major and situational disorders
  • Bi-polar and borderline personality disorders
  • Grief and loss, including unresolved or complex grief due to trauma
  • Trauma based approaches, including childhood developmental trauma, sexual and/or physical abuse
  • Life changes  including identity/spiritual crisis
  • De-personalisation/Dissociation
  • OCD including obsessional thinking disorders
  • Anger management
  • Stress management
  • Addictions – alcohol, drugs, gaming and porn
  • Sexual identity including LGBT issues
  • Communication breakdowns
  • Recovery from affairs re-establishing trust from betrayal
  • Sexuality issues including libido, intimacy, desire discrepancies and dysfunction

My approach, while based solidly within the Gestalt Therapy framework, also incorporates Mindfulness, Emotion Focused Therapy (particularly with relationship counselling) and Solution Focused strengths based approaches. I am also particularly attuned to a clients Somatic experiences as informed by my studies in Hakomi and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

What I offer clients is a collaborative process of healing that is holistic, somatic, relationally orientated and grounded in awareness within the present moment. I provide a supportive, intuitive and creative approach that seeks to self-empower clients to re-orient their lives towards improved health and wellbeing. I have a particular interest in working with existential issues and anxiety. I also maintain a ‘trauma-informed’ approach when working with both individuals and couples.

If you or someone you love is struggling with anxiety and/or depression please get in contact.