I offer Couples Relationship Counselling & Therapy on the Gold Coast at Varsity Lakes. My approach when doing Couples Relationship Counselling & Therapy is grounded within Gestalt Psychotherapy. This approach is based on enhancing awareness on how you relate to each other in the ‘here-and-now’. Couples Relationship Counselling & Therapy enhances awareness of both the strengths as well as the ‘growing edges’ in your relationship, the places where your relationship needs to grow and change for the better. Acknowledging the strengths supports the challenges of the growth necessary in your relationship. Bringing awareness to entrenched negative patterns of relating allows change to happen. Through shared awareness of destructive patterns your relationship will grow. In growing you will replace negative patterns with more mature constructive patterns that become a place of nourishment and support for each other.

I also incorporate Emotion Focused Couples Therapy into my work. Emotion Focused Couples Therapy supports couples to understand the way they do relationship and how it can be based on earlier attachment patterns during childhood. It is focused on supporting couples to communicate from primary core emotions rather than reactive secondary emotions.

For example your anger and withdrawal may mask hidden fears and insecurities that are being triggered by your partners behavior. By getting in touch with these deeper emotions and expressing them to your partner you allow different methods of communication to emerge and you will receive better more positive responses from your partner. You both become more responsible and capable of handling the ‘difficult’ areas in your relationship.

My work at Gold Coast Couples Counselling is to support the two of you to become more aware of how you do relationship.

Becoming aware of how you do relationship allows you both to change dysfunctional patterns of relating. We work together to acknowledge strengths and to identify dysfunctional reactive secondary emotions. You will both learn how to become more in touch with deeper core emotions and to feel safe and supported to express them.

This is the key to success, by expressing these deeper primary core emotions in a safe supporting environment your partner will be better able and more likely to respond, to really ‘hear’ and understand where you are really coming from.

This approach together with an understanding of your in-built patterns of relating will lead you both to creating a happier more sustaining and supportive relationship based on trust, safety and good honest communication.

Gold Coast Couples Relationship Counselling & Therapy fee per 1 hour session is $110.

I also work with non-traditional forms of relationship, ie non-monogamous, open-relationships and polyamory.

Call me on 0410 889 332 or Contact me for more details or to book in for a Couples Relationship Counselling & Therapy session on the Gold Coast.