My name is Jonathan Swan, I’m a fully qualified (Master of Gestalt Therapy) and registered (GANZ) professional psychotherapist, counsellor, trainer and registered supervisor (ACCA). I see clients for psychotherapy and counselling, both individuals and couples, at North Coast Counselling & Psychotherapy Lismore and Gold Coast Couples & Relationship Counselling. I also offer Casino Counselling, Kyogle Counselling and Byron Bay Counselling services and teach the Diploma of Counselling on the Gold Coast for Community Training Australia. I am also available for online counselling sessions.

I am available for supervision through the Australian Community Counselling Association (ACCA).


Your privacy is fully guaranteed under the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988. Your details and any personal information shared with me stays with me. I do not offer Medicare Rebates and so your personal information is never passed onto any government or non government bodies.

If you do access a service offering a Medicare Rebate please be aware that a summary of your counselling notes will be forwarded to your GP and your name and clinical diagnosis will become part of the public record. This might affect any future medical insurance and life insurance policies.

How I work

I offer an emotionally and physically safe space free of judgement for you to open up and explore your thoughts and feelings. My focus is on empowering you to resolve your issues using your strengths and your inherent capability for healing and growth.

I’m a relational Gestalt psychotherapist, meaning that I believe the key to your healing and growth comes via the quality and effectiveness of the relationship between client and therapist as well as to others and your environment. Research into the effectiveness of all forms of psychotherapeutic intervention consistently finds that a major factor that predicts good outcome is the quality of the relationship between the client and the counsellor or psychotherapist.

My approach is grounded in the “here-and-now”. It is less focused on the “story” and more on “how” you tell and experience the story in the present, the meaning, feelings, bodily sensations and behavior related to your story.

By supporting your awareness of both your internal and external world and the relationship between them you become self-empowered to affect change. Through mindfulness I encourage you to develop a meta-cognitive self-awareness of your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations in order to affect change.

“… change occurs when one becomes what he is, not when he tries to become what he is not.” Arnold Beisser, M.D

Only by accepting where we are at can change possibly occur. Awareness of where you are at together with a values based approach leads to an effective and permanent change. Change happens by being supported in a safe, trusting therapeutic relationship where you are able to ground your awareness in an understanding of your values. Understanding and experiencing the importance of value driven behaviour rather than behaviour driven by emotional and/or experiential avoidance is key.

This approach aligns itself to the so-called 3rd wave of psychotherapies. The emphasis being not on problem solving or elimination but on acceptance and understanding and on the quality of your relationship to the world about you.

In summary I offer clients a collaborative process of healing and growth that is holistic, somatic, relationally orientated and grounded in awareness within the present moment. I provide a supportive, intuitive, creative and ‘trauma-informed’ approach that seeks to self-empower clients to re-orient their lives towards improved health and well-being.

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Professional Membership and Conduct

I am a member of Gestalt Australia and New Zealand, GANZ is a Professional Association which represents Gestalt Practitioners in Australia and New Zealand. GANZ is a member association of PACFA – Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, the national peak body for professional associations within the counselling and psychotherapy profession in Australia. As a member of GANZ I practice within their Code of Practice.

I am also registered with Australian Community Counselling Association (ACCA – Supervisor Association Membership) providing supervisory services to members.

If you are interested in either Individual or Relationship Psychotherapy and Counselling or Supervision on the Gold Coast or just want some more information please call me on 0410 889 332 or contact me using the form.